ILF Civic Fellowship Program Accepting Applications for 2021

Washington, DC – The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their win. Kamala Harris will be the first AAPI woman and woman of Color as Vice- President in American history.

“We celebrate Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ smashing the glass ceiling as she becomes the first woman, first Black woman, first Asian American to be elected to national office. Representation matters, and Vice President-elect Harris will continue to inspire so many AAPI to run for office and to get involved in public service.” stated Linh D. Hoang, Executive Director of ILF, “This is a pivotal time for our country, our economy, and for generations to come. Now is the time for a new era of inclusion, opportunity, and innovation. Together, we will work to heal our nation and rebuild stronger than ever before.”

ILF encourages the Biden-Harris administration to fill the positions in the administration with racial and gender equality. ILF is ready to work with the Biden administration and elected leaders across the nation to restore public health, revitalize our economy, rebuild American lives and communities, and empower next generation leaders to lead change. It is our civic responsibility to unite our country and encourage more young people to engage in civic life.