ILF Local Chapter Advisory Board Meetings

ILF local chapters have hosted events during past months where Chairperson Dr. Paul Hsu delivered inspiring speeches at the Houston Chapter led by Chair Shelley Ding. Dr. Hsu encouraged ILF national advisors in each chapter to continue their support to accomplish ILF’s mission to develop young leaders in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship, international business, and politics.

Houston, Texas – March 9, 2020

Chairperson Shelley Ding, Co-Chairperson Roger Yen, Honorary Chairperson Wea Hwa Lee and Steve Hsu, Chairperson Bin Yu, Asian Chamber of Commerce-Houston, Amy Chang, Honorary Chairperson Shu-Ying Hsu, Global Federation of Chinese Business Women, Louise C. Li, Amy Sung, Ada Wang, Alice Wang
Detroit, Michigan – March 6, 2020
Honorary Chairperson Eric Kung, James Bee, Cheng-Yang Chang, Steve Chang, Tzy-Wen Gong, Linglong He, Daniel Kung, Susan Kung, Jason Kuo, Michaelle Lin, Janny Lu, Amy Ma-Power, Amy D. Seetoo, Mary Wang, Jason Xia, Frank Zhong
Dallas, Texas – January 26, 2020

Dr. Charles Ku, Honorary Chairperson Peter Ng, Chairperson Suzanne Chen

Denver, Colorado – November 16, 2019
Chairperson Jefferson Shiou, Paul Cheng, Vivian Chien, Jayne Geddes, Xiao Peng Guan, Joy Hoffman, Tai-Dan Hsu, Joseph Jefferson, Kevin Leung, Helen Newcomb, Lily Shen, Yao Hua Shih, Xiuping Wang, Miao Weng, Tina Ye, Jimmy Yip, Shichao Zhang, Pin Zheng