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AAPI Communities around the U.S. raising over $33 million worth of donations for COVID-19 relief


As the coronavirus pandemic severely disrupted life in the U.S., grassroots AAPI endeavors emerged across the country to raise monetary and personal protective equipment (PPE) donations for essential institutions such as hospitals, police stations, and fire departments. The AAPI community has donated over $33 million to over 2,800 institutions and 10 million PPE, including:

  • N95 Masks: 2,507,727
  • Medical Masks: 6,769,248
  • Gloves: 1,332,375
  • Goggles: 126,852
  • Protective Gowns: 214,398

ILF has launched the www.united-usa.net website to document and honor efforts made by AAPI communities. Many AAPI organizations around the country have offered their contribution information, including:

  • Committee of 100
  • Tzu Chi USA
  • Hsu Educational Foundation
  • Daofeng and Angela Foundation
  • Rhode Island Chinese American Association
  • Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America (TCCNA)
  • Nailing it for America
  • New York Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable
  • Global Federation of Chinese Business Women
  • and 300 other AAPI organizations