Special thanks to Chris Lu, Deputy Secretary of Labor; Tina Tchen, Assistant to President Obama & Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama; New York Congresswoman Grace Meng; Cranston Mayor Allan Fung; Rhode Island State Senator, Joshua Miller; Susan Lee, Member of Maryland House of Delegates; Ed Chow, Secretary of Veteran Affairs; Lincoln Chafee, Governor of Rhode Island; Peter Koo, Member of the New York City Council; John Liu, the 43rd New York City Comptroller; and Professor Steve Kelman at Harvard for their efforts in accommodating the ILF Young Ambassadors.

ILF extends a very special special thanks to: CORO Foundation, Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation, Junyao Group, J&K Technology Holdings Limited, New Taipei City, Changhua City, and AMESON (Ameson Education & Cultural Exchange Foundation) for supporting the 2014 ILF Young Ambassadors Program.

“I want to thank ILF for giving me this opportunity to attend this program. Throughout these 12 days, I’ve learned how the U.S. government operates, the global development trend, and some key success factors from some outstanding U.S. leaders. This newly acquired knowledge will be quite useful in my career. During this trip, I saw how true leaders operate. I felt the passion and learned how to truly become a true leader myself. From this experience, I will try my best to become a successful leader and hope to one day share my experiences with the next generation of Young Ambassadors.”

Vincent Xu, 2009 Young Ambassador

“This summer, I attended the Young Ambassador Program held by ILF, and what I gained is beyond words. Through the visiting and understanding of the center of politics/economy, historical sites, and also meeting leaders of successful firms; the program enriched my experiences as well as broadened my horizons. It not only equipped me with the tools to become a leader, but it also allowed me to understand more about what I expect out of myself and how to accomplish these goals. In addition to this, I’ve met many friends of common ideals. We’ve become everlasting friends, as friendship lasts despite the ending of this wonderful journey. When looking back on my decision to attend the International Leadership Foundation’s Young Ambassador Program, I am so grateful that I made the decision that I did and believe this program is extremely worthwhile.”

Ariel Huang

“In this program, I learned that leadership is not only a word, a behavior or a personality, but an ongoing process to create the vision, show our ambition, and lead people forward. We are by people, with people, and for people. It is not just a two-weeks-training, but a key for lifelong learning journey.”

Yu-Ching Wang

“In just twelve days I was introduced to brilliant individuals, inspired by eloquent politicians and entrepreneurs, exposed to a thriving culture, showed around amazing sceneries and privileged governmental areas, and encouraged to pursue my dreams. The decision to participate in the Young Ambassador Program is one that I will certainly not regret. From the first meeting with our amazing program founder Chiling Tong to the friendships I made during the farewell dinner, the entire experience was simply incredible. The abundant amount of planning that must have taken place for an event of this scale was clearly apparent as the program was executed smoothly. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of this program, and feel blessed to have been surrounded by such warm and aspiring professionals, staff, and fellow young ambassadors. ILF prides itself in performing to the best of its ability and the Young Ambassador Program was yet another example of its dedication to that mindset. Thus, “Remarkable,” is the word that sums up my opinion of ILF and the entire Young Ambassador experience.”

Julia Wu

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