Young Ambassadors


The Hon. Elaine L. Chao, ILF Chairman Paul Hsu, and ILF President Solomon Chen meet with 2014 ILF Young Ambassadors 

About | 
ILF gives opportunities to international students who bring diverse perspectives in our global age. The Young Ambassador Program hosts outstanding college
students and young professionals from Asia to network with ILF fellows and participate in a unique 15-day training program in Washington D.C. and the
Northeast region. The extensive ILF alumni network includes young leaders who are now working in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship and international



Overview | 
The Young Ambassadors program began in 2010 and was designed for the new generation of young leaders from Asia who want to learn about the United States. The program prepares the next generation of young international leaders to address global business and political challenges in our ever-changing world. The program hosts approximately 60 outstanding students from Asia to participate in a unique twelve-day program in Washington D.C. and the Northeast
region of the United States. It is comprised of an exciting series of lectures, excursions and discussions on topics ranging from international business relations to public policy and the legislative process.
Field visits include Capitol Hill and a look inside Congress and federal agencies; a tour of the United Nations; a visit to the NYSE trading floor in New York’s Financial District; U.S. currency printing and history at the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing; the prestigious West Point Military Academy; and several top American universities.

Program Themes | 

Leadership: The Young Ambassadors program provides leadership training and opportunities to meet with prominent U.S. national leaders. Leadership
can be defined as the process in which a person influences others to accomplish a common goal. One of the program’s goals is to help participants
learn about themselves and develop the skills needed to be an effective leader. These skills include verbal and non-verbal communication, and confidence and critical character traits, such as trustworthiness.

US-Asia Ties & Global Affairs: Throughout your visit, you will meet many individuals who will expand your knowledge of the relationship between the U.S. and Asia and global affairs. The differences in the role of the government, social standards and expectations, technology and acculturation influence the views that individuals may have regarding the relationship between the United States and foreign countries and also global relations. The Young Ambassador program has contributed to improving U.S.-Asia relations by cultivating future leaders who understand both worlds in-depth. The program has been recognized by both the U.S. and Asian governments.

U.S. Government & Public Policy Making. Your time in Washington D.C. will help you build your knowledge base about democratic government in the United States and the role of public policy in decision making.

U.S. Global Business and Commerce: During the trip, you will experience the environments listed above that help create the business landscape of the United States.

Culture and History: Culture refers to the characteristics of a group of people and encompasses language, religion, technology, cuisine, art, social values and hobbies. Community refers to a social group that shares common values. Through the Young Ambassador program, you will explore a variety of locations and participate in activities that will help you gain a broader understanding of the American culture.

Mutual Understanding. Young Ambassadors have the opportunity to conduct their own research and activity projects during the program, present them to American college students, and discuss U.S.-Asia issues with them. They exchange different perspectives and learn from each other, which is the first step for a better mutual understanding among two different worlds: the U.S. and Asia and among future leaders. Understanding each other at the individual level could lead changes between the two worlds in the future.

Consulting for Advanced Study and Work. Our program provides all of the learning and meeting opportunities above for two weeks, but that is not the end of the Young Ambassadors’ journey. Many of our Young Ambassadors are impressed by speakers, and professionals, and professors they met during the program and decide to come back to the U.S. for further study or to work. They get practical advice for their personal developments from the program. Visiting Ivy League schools definitely broadens their perspectives and gives them a new motivation. The International Leadership Foundation consults them on how to complete an application to enter U.S. graduate schools or how to get a job in the U.S.

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