The Senate Passes Resolution in Recognition of ILF’s Dedication to APA Communities

Contact: Jeannie Shen,
March 5, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – To celebrate the beginning of Lunar New Year of the 2019 Golden Pig Year, Maryland Senator Susan Lee officially presented the Lunar New Year resolution to International Leadership Foundation (ILF) in the Senate Chamber of the State of Maryland on February 4. This is the first time that a Asian senator has proposed a resolution concerning Lunar New Year in the State Senate. The bill states that Lunar New Year is an important holiday in the state of Maryland.

This resolution passed by the Maryland State reflects the general opinion of the Maryland State Senate of extending its best wishes for all Maryland residents in celebrating the 2019 Lunar New Year and for years to come.

The state legislature specially invited ILF’s team to come to the Senate Chamber to accept the bill and issue a commendation to the 20 years that ILF has done to promote the cultural heritage of the Asian American community in Maryland and has done to uplift small businesses and enhance civic engagement. Business and community services pay tribute to ILF’s contributions to the Lunar New Year commemoration in Maryland, highlighting the milestones of ILF.

The ones invited were:
1. Chiling Tong, Founder
2. Corinna Shen, Director of Public Affairs
3. Eugenia Henry, Chair of the Training Committee
4. Stan Tsai, Washington DC Advisor
5. Sophia Parker, Washington DC Advisor
6. Matthew Lee, Washington DC Advisor

The above photo was taken after the presentation of the Resolution on the Maryland Senate Floor.

The Maryland Senate Majority Party Whip Susan Lee said that Asian Americans living in Maryland work hard to develop their ingenuity, and thereby to Maryland’s leading position in the United States in science, technology, sports, and the arts. It is an affirmation of the contributions and achievements of Asians that has determined Lunar New Year as the statutory festival of Maryland through the law.

Senator Lee noted that the resolution passed this time recognizes the ancient tradition of Lunar New Year being both lively and festive. It is as important as other festivals and has special significance for many Asian citizens because of the importance of cultural exchange and understanding.

In recent years, Asians living in Maryland have actively carried out activities to promote Lunar New Year festivities to American society, including promoting Lunar New Year events in public schools so that children can enjoy Asian culture. These initiatives have garnered great interest.

Founder of ILF, Chiling Tong celebrated the occasion noting that “ILF is honored to participate in further cultural exchange and uplifting small businesses and enhancing civic engagement in the state of Maryland.”

The Lunar New Year has been officially identified as a statutory festival in Maryland and is the result of years of hard work by ILF. This resolution helps promote cultural exchanges between Asia and the United States. ILF hopes that Lunar New Year will be determined by more states in the United States as a statutory holiday.