The 2016 Inauguration of New York Advisory Board with Congresswomen Judy Chu and Grace Meng

On Thursday, December 3rd, ILF New York Advisory Board had an event at Waitex International to inaugurate the new 2016 New York Advisors. The event, organized by the new NY Advisory Board Chair Cherry Huang, was attended by new members ranging from small business owners to Wall Street and financial/ investment industry executives.

The event featured opening remarks from VIP guest, Congresswoman Grace Meng, and a keynote speech from Congresswoman Judy Chu. Congresswoman Chu spoke about the injustices towards Chinese-Americans, including the Chinese Exclusion Act and the recent cases of Sherry Chen and Dr. Xi Xiaoxing, where the Justice Department accused innocent American citizens of Chinese ancestry for espionage in its rush to find Chinese spies. She emphasized the importance and need for more young Asian American Pacific (APA) leaders to enter public service to give APAs a voice in our nation’s capital, to prevent those injustices from ever happening again.

Former Young Ambassador, Xing Yu Wu, of ILF’s Young Ambassador Program, served as the event’s Master of Ceremonies.  Former Fellow, Jasper Lo, from the 2008 ILF Fellowship class, was also in attendance.SONY DSC


(from left) ILF Director of Business Development Hank Chao, Conresswoman Judy Chu, New Chair of ILF NY Advisory Board Cherry Huang, CEO Chiling Tong, and Congresswoman Meng


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