Shiao-Yen Wu

Shiao-Yen Wu was born in mainland China and raised in Hong Kong. She is currently the CEO of WPI Real Estate Services in Seattle,Washington. Ms. Wu attended the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Ms. Wu immigrated to Seattle, Washington from Taiwan in 1967.

Upon arrival to the United States, she began serving in various leadership roles at local civic and community organizations, where she helped develop successful professional and public service programs. She served as the President and Director of Committee Chair for over a dozen public service organizations, such as the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, and the North Seattle Rotary Club in Seattle, Washington. In these capacities, Ms. Wu has utilized her outstanding leadership, organizational, management, communication, entrepreneurial, and networking skills in various leadership positions in numerous business and Asian culture exchange activities, building on Asia’s good relations with the United States.

Currently, Ms. Wu serves as the Co-Chair of the North Seattle Community Education Fundraising Board in Seattle, Washington. She has served as a commissioner for the Overseas Compatriot Chinese Affairs Commission in Taiwan and an advisor to the Region X Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board. Ms. Wuis a recipient of the Rotary International “Paul Harris Fellow” Award, and is proud to have dedicated her life to the success of the Asian American community. Throughout her life, Ms. Wu has played key roles in the creation and implementation of several programs spanning rehabilitation, overseas Chinese affairs, and community service. She draws on her extensive network to aid many in their career objectives and successful business achievements.