Past Civic Fellows Testimonials

Nirant Gupta (2010 Fellow)

“This past summer was one of the most memorable of my life. Through ILF, I became acquainted with a community. These people – fellows, area professionals and others dedicated to advancing those of us who seek to advance the world – were an invaluable resource. Various speaker series and professional development groups helped me hone my networking and professional skills. It was a tremendous experience, and I’m eternally grateful.”

Daniyal Ali (2009 Fellow)

“Having been an ILF fellow, I can proudly call myself a part of the ILF family. From the very laid back and casual life in California, I landed up in the heart of government of the United States of America. I adapted quickly to my new high-paced and energetic environment in Washington D.C. and learned the ins and outs of how our government really works. I also met so many people in powerful places who were willing to show us the way to the top. Being an ILF fellow made me see government in a new and very approachable light. After I graduate, I would not hesitate in serving our country and joining our government. ILF gave me an enlightening experience and made me a more confident individual.”

Kathleen Ju (2009 Fellow)

“My fellowship with ILF indeed has allowed me to experience a world of professionalism and prestige; it has given me the opportunity to interact and learn from some of the greatest people in and out of our nation. ILF’s most important service to me was helping me to discover and embrace my own potential, to recognize my own amazing capabilities. I think back on my summer in DC with a sense of pride and empowerment.” Currently interning at Superior Communications in Irwindale California, in the Product Design and Development Department.

Hahn Liu (2009 Fellow)

“The internship experience with NASA, in the office of Strategic Integration and Policy Division was helpful in teaching me more about the federal government and the extensive benefits of work in the public sector. I had interned with federal organizations in the past and they were task focused in nature, and not near as enjoyable as the internship I had this summer, which can be attributed, in part, to the fact that I got to work and exchange ideas with peers my age. I strongly recommend to anyone that they should endeavor to intern in a similar working environment.”

Thomas Mui (2009 Fellow)

“I thank ILF for exposing me to the many career opportunities within government agencies and advocacy groups. My experience this summer has been integral to not only improving my interpersonal skills but strengthening my desire to serve our AAPI communities, as well. Most importantly, I have developed many great relationships with fellows, young professionals, and industry leaders, which I hope to continue many years ahead. I strongly support ILF’s aim to promote civil service and will look forward to furthering their cause.” Thomas Mui has launched his own company Tom & John’s Chocolate Factory, formerly known as Dona Auris.

Virgina Lee (2008 Fellow)

“ILF changed my life by giving me the social network and support I needed to get started in D.C. and experience how a government agency operates. This opportunity has meant so much to me, and will be vital to my future advocacy work for the APA community. ILF fellows are some of the most intelligent, ambitious peers I have ever met, and I look forward to working with them and ILF leadership in the future.”

Jasper Lo (2008 Fellow)

“ILF gave me an opportunity by placing me in an environment completely different from my usual surroundings. Overall, the ILF D.C. Civic Fellowship taught me how to get ahead in the business world, an appreciation for government organizations and the knowledge needed to promote APAs (Asian Pacific Americans) in today’s America. After I finish my career as an active duty army officer, I hope to work for the government aiding in its relations with China.”

Gene Kim (2007 Fellow)

In 2007, I had the privilege of serving as an ILF Fellow in the office of Congressman Al Green (TX-9). The fellowship was my first job after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, and it helped launch my career in public service. After the fellowship, I was hired on as a Legislative Staffer for Congressman Green and went on to serve as the Research and Policy Director of a Congressional campaign, as the Director of Communications and Program Development for the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies, as Chair of the Board of the Directors for the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership, and now as Executive Director of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. Like hundreds of other young people throughout this country, I benefited greatly from the resources and opportunities that ILF provides as it works to develop the next generation of Asian Pacific American civic leadership.” Gene Kim is the Executive Director of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) under the leadership of Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-32).

Yen-Fu Chen (2006 Fellow)

“ILF gave me, and every past fellow, more than just our first job, it opened for every one of us the first doors of opportunities any young man or woman can ask for in today’s competitive world.” Yen is currently a consultant for Deloitte Consulting LLP, working on strategy and operations projects in our financial industry. His clients include some of the world’s largest global banks and insurance companies.

Jennifer Hsu (2005 Fellow)

“ILF’s true value lies not simply in the internship that it provides, but also in the unique opportunities for each student to learn something new every day, have lunch with prominent officials and inspiring leaders, explore a city that is teeming with our country’s history and culture, and make incredible friends for life. Today, three years later, I have started my own company and continue to work very closely with the government, and am in contact with the network I built in 2005. Regardless of where you choose to live, I feel that ILF empowers you with transferable knowledge and skills you can leverage in any field. ” Jennifer is the co-founder of Clairvoyant Technologies, Inc., an innovative research company serving the Federal Government and commercial clients with a focus on systems engineering and design, scientific services, and information management solutions.

Edward Chen (2002 Fellow)

“My ILF fellowship in the summer of 2002 gave me a head start in politics and government. This program gave me the resources and skills that enabled me to serve in a elected school board position, work for both houses of the California Legislature and work as Deputy Coalitions Director on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s re-election campaign in 2006 and Deputy Regional Communications Director for seven states in Senator John McCain’s campaign last November. I am so pleased that the leaders at ILF are continuing this supportive community of friends who will take Asian American civic leadership to the next level.” Edward is the District Director for Assemblyman Jeff Miller of the 71st District of CA.

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