ILF Staff Meet with Satyajeet Tambe

WP_20140617_18_35_07_Pro Tuesday, June 17th – CEO Chiling Tong presenting Secretary Satyajeet Tambe with a gift.

Another day at the ILF office ended with a pleasant visit from India’s General Secretary of the Maharashtra State Youth Congress, Satyajeet Tambe.  Serving as a member of the Zilla Parishad (District Council), Secretary Tambe just recently arrived to attend an emerging leadership program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

During the meeting, ILF’s CEO and Founding President Chiling Tong headed an engaging discussion that provided some insight into Secretary Tambe’s personal views and India’s current situation.  With the hopes of bringing in future candidates from India, Pakistan, and Korea into the ILF program, CEO Chiling Tong remains keen on building relationships with future leaders from various parts of the world.  The short meeting with Secretary Tambe showed just how valuable it is to build positive relationships in order to move forward.

Just a few of the topics briefly discussed by Secretary Tambe included border disputes in India, important social welfare schemes such as drinking water, the two-child policy, and differences in the developing youth of both China and India.  Secretary Tambe expressed his strong confidence in India’s education,  growth and development of the younger generations — India’s future. Furthermore, in response to Chiling Tong’s aspiration for seeing an Asian American President of the United States, Secretary Tambe made clear that one cannot disregard the importance of relations with India.

WP_20140617_18_35_49_ProCEO Chiling Tong and Secretary Satyajeet Tambe posing with current ILF fellows.

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