Lih-Fen (Lily) Luo

Lily Luo

Chief Executive Director

Luo Lih-Fen International Beauty Group

Luo lih-fen is the CEO of Luo lih-fen international beauty group. When she was a child, she was often laughed at because of a birth mark on the right side of her face. In order to remove this birth mark, she became determined to devote herself to the beauty industry. When she was fifteen, she worked part time to pay for school fees and graduated from Shalu Industrial Vocational Senior High School. At the age of 19, she realized her dream and opened her first beauty salon in Taichung City. During this time she also went to Hong Kong and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to fulfill her family’s expectations. During the study period in Hong Kong, she continued to work and

study, earning a degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Following this, she introduced cosmetic cryotherapy to Taiwan and helped many people to remove birthmarks similar to the one she was born with.

Currently, Luo Lih-Fen International Group owns more than 4,000 beauty salons and has set up five factories and one laboratory in the mainland of China. In Europe and the USA, the group also set up two departments and factories for Medical hairdressing cosmetic requirements.  The group is the only global Chinese brand that provides one-stop service including R&D, manufacture etc. Luo lih-fen is one of only a few Chinese to publish a research article in World Health Organization. Becoming the beauty demonstration institution of UN and a multinational enterprise, the group holds the same operation principle to produce safe and quality products to satisfy the customer’s request from development to manufacturing.

Luo lih-fen is also concerned with disadvantaged groups. In the mainland of China, the Luo Lih-fen Love Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was founded to help disadvantaged children complete their education. Since 2004,the group has cooperated with Taiwan Technical School, offering the students an opportunity to develop skills in internships with a chance to be paid, providing more job opportunity for graduates.

In 2009,the group cooperated with National Liaodong University in China to set up the Luo lih-fen Health Management College as well as to establish the Luo Lifen Medical Hairdressing Department in Hunan University of Chinese Medicine the same year.

The school-enterprise cooperation and work-study combination, which was successful in Taiwan, is also being used in Mainland China. In 2014, the group cooperated with the Beauty of The Association professor of South Korea’s national universities and signed a cooperation agreement to hold yearly academic exchange to widen staff’s global view in Korea as well.