ILF working with Maryland for APA Communities

Following ILF’s D.C. Advisory Board Members’ and CEO Chiling Tong’s appointment as commissioner for the Commission on Aging, Commission for Women, and Asian Pacific American (APA) Commission under Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Administration, ILF has been actively involved in Maryland’s policy-making process for APA communities. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization representing APA communities in Maryland, ILF is communicating with Maryland decision makers and other leaders regarding policy issues affecting APAs. ILF is honored to have a chance to represent APA voices in the state and is proud of  completely volunteering for public good.


ILF CEO Chiling Tong and D.C. Advisors with Maryland Governor Hogan, the First Lady Yumi Hogan, and Members of Governor’s Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs


With Maryland Delegate Dr. Clarence Lam at the Maryland APA Legislative Night hosted by the Governor’s Office of Community InitiativesBOB_5224

With Special Secretary of Minority Affairs Jimmy Rhee (third from left) at the Maryland APA Legislative Night


Alexandria Liu (2013 Fellow, far right), co-founder of Custom Cut Clothiers and member of the Board of Directors at City Ranch Inc. and volunteer at the Living Classrooms Foundation, attended the Maryland APA Legislative Night.