ILF Supports FCC Efforts to Improve Access to 5G

The International Leadership Foundation applauds the FCC’s efforts to unleash the power of the digital economy for more Americans. Under its 5G Fast Plan, the FCC announced plans to hold the largest commercial auction of millimeter-wave spectrum ever in December 2019, making more spectrum available to innovators and entrepreneurs building the technologies and services that will define the future of how we learn, live, work, and play.

The FCC has also committed to investing over $20.4 billion in rural broadband over the next 10 years, helping to bring more people into today’s thriving digital economy. The enhanced speeds and connectivity made possible by 5G make the possibilities for future use endless – including remote healthcare delivery and smart energy grid management. The private sector in the U.S is the most innovative in the world, and we are pleased that these entrepreneurs – and not a nationalized government network – will be the pillar of our 5G future.

ILF is proud to support The White House and FCC’s efforts improve the lives of everyday Americans by laying the foundations for improved service delivery and economy opportunity.