ILF Reapproved by CFC for 2016 – 2017 as Trustworthy Non-Profit

May 2, 2016                                                                                               Contact: Soo Kyung Koo

For Immediate Release                                                                               (202) 204-3019


The International Leadership Foundation Reapproved by Combined Federal Campaign for 2016 – 2017 as Trustworthy Non-Profit

Washington, D.C. — Established in 2000 as a non-profit organization, the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) has promoted civic awareness, public service, and economic prosperity amongst the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Its mission is to develop young leaders in the United States, Asia, and the Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public affairs, entrepreneurship and international relations through a network of business and community leaders.

ILF has become a combined Federal Campaign (CFC) approved non-profit organization for 2016-2017. An official record for this term will be updated in September, 2016 in the “Catalog of Caring” published by the CFC. Since ILF has been continuously approved by the CFC since 2012 thanks to its transparency and excellent management, ILF can be found at  with its serial number 24372 anytime. The CFC after The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) was created under the U.S. Office of Personnel Management by President Ronald Reagan’s 1982 “Charitable Fundraising” executive order 12353, in an effort to encourage federal workers, retirees, and government contractors to be more proactive in charitable giving.

The CFC manages a database of non-profits that meet a strict set of requirements. All CFC approved charities must be 501(c)(3) approved non-profits and prove their transparency by submitting information about their auditing, governance and program functions. Applicants must also provide an official copy of their IRS Form 990 for their most recent fiscal year. All CFC approved organizations must demonstrate responsible and effective spending of their funds. Any fundraising or administrative costs must be kept below 25% of annual revenue, with the majority of their funds going directly to carrying out their mission and to their mission’s beneficiaries.

Donors can do a charity search on the CFC website and trust that when they donate to a CFC approved non-profit, their donations will not be misused.

The International Leadership Foundation is proud of our organization’s transparency and is excited to be a Combined Federal Campaign approved non-profit. We will continue to create programs to develop young leaders from the Asian American Pacific Islanders community. For more information, please visit