ILF Laments the Loss of Mark Takai

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The International Leadership Foundation Laments the Loss of Mark Takai

WASHINGTON—The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) mourns alongside the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community for the loss of Congressman Mark Takai, who died today from battling pancreatic cancer.

Throughout his life, Takai demonstrated hard work, generosity, and honesty – core values passed down by the generations before him.  In addition to having served 20 years in the Hawaii state House of Representatives, Takai was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Hawaii Army National Guard and was elected into Congress in 2014.  Alongside his work as Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans, Military and International Affairs, Takai championed relief initiatives for the military and returning veterans. Takai also made huge contributions to the education system through donating and advocating for adequate funding of programs, school facilities, and educators in Hawaii.

The International Leadership Foundation is eternally grateful for the legacy left by Mark Takai.  He was a true and honorable public servant whose values and contributions to the community will live on through our future generations.

“We share the deepest respect and gratitude for Congressman Takai’s leadership,” shared Chiling Tong, CEO and Founder of ILF. “He left a legacy of deliberation, loyalty, and great care in creating a brighter future for his community.”

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