ILF Files Public Comment at the FCC to Support Internet Expansion and Transparancy for Communities

ILF Files Reply Comments at the FCC to Support an Open Internet that
Supports Every Community
WASHINGTON, D.C. – After filing initial comments in the Federal Communications Commission’s
Restoring Internet Freedom docket, WC Docket No. 17-108, the International Leadership Foundation
filed reply comments today to reaffirm the importance of widespread, quality Internet that stays open
with strong net neutrality rules. The Internet is hugely important for the education and growth of our
young leaders—and everyone else—in any community, no matter where they come from, who they are,
or where they live.
From our filing:
“ILF maintains that every community should have access to a full, open, and free internet regardless of
background, color, or location. The internet plays a large role in ILF’s work and is indispensable to our
members’ access to critical resources. Therefore, broadband regulation remains a priority for our
“As we stated in our initial filing, there are two essential parts of this priority. First, there must be clear
and consistent net neutrality rules. Second, internet access must be expanded.
“With regard to net neutrality rules, we still believe, above all, that Congress should take the helm by
passing legislation that ensures the principles of transparency, no blocking, no throttling, and no harmful
prioritization, across all channels of the internet. With regard to expanding internet access, there must
be regulatory stability—with regulations that are not overly burdensome—so that Internet Service
Providers invest more in network expansion and innovation.”