ILF Global Summer Camp for High School Students


Dates: July 28 to August 10

Program Components & Objectives

College Admission Offices & Tours

  • Help high school students from Asia get into accredited schools for college in the future
  • Information sessions with college admission offices
  • 7 Schools in Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and Boston


  • Conversations with ILF Alumni from the colleges above: about admission tips, major decisions, career paths, and cultural exchange/promotion
  • 8 Sessions

Leadership Training

  • Cultivate your leadership potentials
  • 2 Sessions
  • Leadership Training 1: Leadership Theory & Group Activities
  • Leadership Training 2: Being a leader both in Government and Business & Leadership Skills 

Subject Expert Courses

  • Help students get familiar with important U.S. and global issues and decide their future majors and jobs
  • 8 Sessions
  • Subject Expert Course 1: ILF Mission and Asian American Politics
  • Subject Expert Course 2: American Politics
  • Subject Expert Course 3: American Philanthropy
  • Subject Expert Course 4: American History & Government
  • Subject Expert Course 5 : American Policy Making
  • Subject Expert Course 6: International Policy Making
  • Subject Expert Course 7: Health Care Policy
  • Subject Expert Course 8: U.S.-Asia Relations

Professional Development

  • For your leadership growth and future career success
  • 2 Sessions
  • Professional Development 1 : How to Settle Down in the U.S. starting as a foreign student
  • Professional Development 2: American Resume Writing, Communication & Networking Etiquette and Skills

Guided Tours

  • Exposure to American History and Culture & Experience the Nation’s Capital – Washington D.C.

Speakers: Alumni from Harvard, Georgetown, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins University and more & U.S. legislators, advocacy professionals, and scholars

Student Assignments

  1. Discussions:
  • What College do you dream of?
  • What major do you like to choose?
  • What type of job/profession do you like to have?
  • What is your definition of “leadership”?
  • What is your leadership experience?
  1. Daily Journal:
  • Students will receive a program book from ILF including the whole program schedule and assignment details. Students will be asked to write a short daily journal and all writings will be anonymously submitted to the Program Staff.
  1. Graduation Presentation
  • Students will be asked to think of how to make their graduation presentation during the whole period of the program. And at the end of the program, each student group will make a presentation about a) what do you learn from the program – based on program components or in general; b) what is cultural and political different between the U.S. and Asia; and c) Does this program change your dream, job, and college plans and how? If any of them brings their laptop, they can create and use their PPT slides.
  1. Social Media
  • Student will be asked to create their own Facebook page and post their candid photos daily.

Services Included: transportation, meals, & hotels (Air tickets are NOT included. Students need to be responsible for their own tickets.)

Application: Please download, fill out, and send out the program applications below by April 26th.

Application – Chinese

Application – English