Fellows Meet Dr. Hsu, Author of “Guardians of the Dream”

Last night, June 30th, the fellows convened for a dinner hosted by Hank Chao, former Chairman of the State Board of Community Colleges (2007-2013) and a National Advisor for the International Leadership Foundation. The dinner was held at Chao’s restaurant, Chinatown Garden. A well rounded introduction of the origins of DC Chinatown by National Advisor Chao and our own fellow, Bee Vang, initiated a plethora of knowledge derived from the experiences of our speakers.

ILF Fellows at Chinatown Garden

Chao opened the floor with his own experience in Virginia and his access to a management position in support of asian minority representation. Language barriers, a continual pursuit for knowledge and an absence of precedence for asian representation were the undertones of the trials that Chao overcame to his now esteemed position.

David Hinson makes a speech for the Fellows

David Hinson, the National Director at Minority Business Development Agency, continued the stream of knowledge by elaborating the importance of being opportunistic and continually pushing oneself to do more, a common theme shared by the two speakers. Knowledge, GPA, money, and family status were all auxiliary to personal, genuine connections with other people. An emphasis was placed in investing in personal symbiotic connections.

Chiling presents gifts for our speakers

At the end of Q&A, Chiling presented a gift for Chao and Hinson as a sign of appreciation for their support. It was all smiles as the two speakers acknowledged the gifts and the fellows absorbed the knowledge and experience of the two speakers.

Dr. Hsu recounts his experiences

This, however, was not the end of the vast amount of wisdom overflowing onto the fellows. Dr. Paul Hsu, chairman of Hsu Enterprise Group LLC, restarted the floor with the question, what is the difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner? One of the fellows, Tar Rakhra, emphasized the difference in innovation and the presence of new ideas. A confirmation of this answer by Dr. Hsu was the pillar that started his speech. The ability to see what other people cannot see. The ability to perceive an opportunity that others may not be able to perceive. This, Dr. Hsu pointed out, was what separated success from potential. The theme of personal, genuine connections was also highlighted by Dr. Hsu. This theme was the common denominator of all three speakers present.


The night ended with a time of book signings by Dr. Hsu for his book Guardians of the Dream: The Enduring Legacy of America’s Immigrants and colloquial conversations with the speakers. As their time ended, the Fellows enjoyed a night of bowling, thanks to the sponsorship of Mr.Chao.

Page written by Samuel Cho

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