Grace Huang

Over the years, Grace Huang has held numerous leadership positions within organizations promoting business opportunities for the Asian community. She formerly served as on the board of directors of the Northern California Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce for a period of two years. For several years, she was the president of the Mandarin Business Association in San Francisco. Her husband, Otto Huang, was the founder of the Mandarin Business Association. Ms. Huang is the Vice President of the Lion’s Club for the San Mateo metropolitan area. Ms. Huang’s goal is to promote friendship and business opportunities among minorities and the mainstream society.

Ms. Huang was born in Shanghai, China, and she immigrated to Taipei, Taiwan as a young child. Ms. Huang attended college and majored in business. After graduating, she was a manager for the San Young Building Materials Company for five years. Before she was married, she became the marketing manager for the five-star Mandarin Hotel in Taipei. In 1979, Ms. Huang and her family moved to the United States. She worked as an office manager for Tennessee Handbag Incorporated.

In 1982, Ms. Huang moved to California and worked as an office manager for a travel agency for approximately five years. Subsequently, she worked at a law firm for almost twenty years. In 1987, her husband started Union Way Corporation, a successful shoe import company headquartered in San Francisco. Grace is now president of Union Way Corporation and also of Sundance Shoes, Inc. These corporations facilitate large shipments of shoes from factories in China for distribution to well-known shops and stores in the United States, generating much revenue each year.

Ms. Huang is currently involved in many civic services and organizations. She is the co-chair of the National Advisory Committee for the International Leadership Foundation. Presently, she is also the Honorary President of the Mandarin Business Association. In addition, Ms. Huang holds positions that facilitate relations with the Republic of China, Taiwan. These include the commissioner of the Overseas Compatriot Affairs and serving as a member on the board of directors for the Chinese Women’s League.

Ms. Huang’s family includes her son Dennis, who now works for Union Way, along with his wife Catherine; and daughter Amy, who graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and now also works for Union Way.