Corinna Shen (Yi-Yuan Kuo Shen)

Hailing from Taichung , Taiwan , Corinna Shen (Yi-Yuan Kuo Shen) has nearly 33 years of experience in business ownership, finance, marketing and community organizing. A graduate of the Ming Chuan Business School in Taipei , Taiwan , Corinna moved to Seattle, Washington in 1975 where she managed Barclay Seafoods, a Seattle-based import export company. Years later, Corinna went on to become the owner of Barclay Seafoods, transforming the family-owned minority business into one of the largest US-Asia seafood exporters. Currently, Corinna is the owner of Seven Seas, a successful Chinese restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. As a successful business owner and expert on Asian cuisine, Corinna has appeared at various culinary workshops as well as television and food trade shows.

Despite her busy schedule, Corinna has maintained her commitment to service and is active in various civic and community organizations. Shortly after her move to Maryland in 1993, she organized and implemented health workshops for high school students. Additionally, she worked with food donation organizations such as Manna Food Center and Mobile Medical Center. Corinna is a board member of the Washington D.C. Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce as well as Director of Communications at Pharmco International. Corinna also serves an an advisor at the Center for Asia America Cultural and Educational Exchanges (CAACEE) and the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC). She has received recognition from the City of Rockville, Smithsonian Associates and Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce for her business leadership and community service.

Corinna is a recipient of the Community Service Award from the Tsu Chi Buddhist Foundation, the Asian American Youth Spectrum and a Minority Business Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce. She also serves as the Director of Public Relations for the International Leadership Foundation (ILF). Corinna lives in Rockville, MD with her husband and two daughters, Jorinna and Jeannie.