2014 Civic Fellow Dinner at Union Station

Civic Fellow Dinner PhotoFinally adjusted to their new internships , the Fellows gathered in Union Station this past Friday to celebrate the completion of their first week.  Each fellow was eager to share their own experiences and to chat, as it was the first time they were able to see each other since orientation.

ILF DinnerThe dinner was hosted by ILF at Center Cafe. This location, in Union Station, was chosen both for its aesthetic and historical value.  As anyone who has traveled across the U.S. can note, there are multiple Union Stations in various different cities. Now, why is that? In fact, these stations were not builtILF Dinner 2 to commemorate the labor movement, but actually to simplify the complex and chaotic rail systems that existed at the time.  The consolidation not only cleaned up the congested railways but also created more revenue, which allowed for the construction of a fancier, more ornate Union Station.




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