Christina Bui asks a Question to President Obama

ILF’s very own Christina Bui had the opportunity to converse with President Obama in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on May 25, 2016 regarding the issue of Human Trafficking in Vietnam. Christina interned for ILF from 2014 to 2015 and is now working at the Pacific Links Foundation, a public charity that fights human trafficking in Vietnam. At the YSEALI Town Hall, Christina and the Pacific Links Foundation team waved their hands and the American flag profoundly, in which President Obama remarked that he was “very impressed with [their] planning.”

buiCredit to BBC Vietnam


Christina then proceeded to ask, “What is the U.S. federal government doing to prevent human trafficking in the global supply chain?” Christina comments, “it was a very surreal experience and so grateful to have the opportunity to ask President Obama a question.”

BUI2Credit to White House Facebook

In response, President Obama mentioned that although there are a “set of policies designed specifically to work with countries to prevent human trafficking… agreement on paper is not enough.” He furthermore stressed that one of the best ways to prevent human trafficking is “to provide more opportunity” and “giving young people in villages a chance to make a living and get education, particularly focus on women and girls” as “girls are not given the same educational opportunities as boys. As consequences, they find themselves in desperate situations.”

Christina says, “The ending to his answer? ‘Congratulations on the good work you’re doing. Very proud of you.’ While staring straight at me!” ILF is very excited and proud to see Christina and all her dedication with the Pacific Links Foundation.

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