Cherry Huang


New York Senior Care Group

Ms. Cherry Huang is an energetic and successful businesswoman from China. She received Business Administration and Chemical Engineering degrees from South China University of Technology in the early 90s. Shortly after that, she served as the director of an actors and actress training center for TVB Hong Kong. In the late 90s, Cherry Huang came to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. While she was still in school, she founded her very own company. Because she established a solid foundation and structure within the company, the company successfully took off within a couple months, and became very competitive in the fashion industry. At the peak of her fashion career, she decided to challenge herself once again to go into an unfamiliar industry, the health care business. She took high risks, as required by a first rate business leader, and proved that cultural boundaries and limitations can be overcome through her vision, hard work, and integrity. She became an immigrant role model in the senior health care business. Through various obstacles, she and her husband finally established a New York Seniorcare in the Valley, LLC, which is owned by a Chinese operator. Ms. Huang achieved her American immigrant dream through her hard work and strategic thinking. Under her innovative and excellent leadership, she established a credible reputation in the health care business circle. Ms. Huang strongly believes in giving back to the community, specifically the immigrant community.

In recent years, she has joined the International Leadership Foundation in Washington, DC to promote the Asian American awareness and civic involvement. Currently, besides to operating her various businesses, she is serving as the President of New York Volunteers Association, Chairman of SCUT Alumni USA, and as the founding President of Chinese University Alumni Alliance. Her previous awards include 2013 Chinese Entrepreneur in New York and 2015 Outstanding Asian American in Business.