C.C Yin

C.C. Yin grew up on a farm in Chengdu, China during WWII. Growing up, he was unable to attend school until after the war, during which, he experienced the tragedy of losing his mother. In 1948, C.C. moved to Taiwan with his father. Years later, he moved to the U.S. to attend the University of Washington. Penniless, he worked in Chinese restaurants every summer to save money for school. During this time, C.C. married his wife, Regina. After years of hard work, C.C. received his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and began working for a company called Bechtel. He went on to become the Chief Engineer in Fluor Corp, successfully managing a $1.5 billion dollar development project in Jiangxi, China. During this time, CC explored his interests in businesses such as engineering consulting. After careful consideration, he decided to pursue ownership of a McDonald’s restaurant. As one of the first Chinese Americans to apply for a franchise, C.C. experienced many obstacles; however, he refused to become discouraged.

In 1984, CC and Regina were offered an opportunity to take over a McDonald’s in a very tough neighborhood in Oakland, California. CC. and Regina took on the challenge and mobilized their community to elect an effective Mayor and Police Chief to combat Oakland’s high crime rates. Additionally, they helped Oakland’s school districts establish diversion programs for at-risk youth. From there, C.C. and Regina worked with their neighbors to organize and mobilize the community. Eighteen months later, the Oakland McDonalds had become a much safer environment for families and friends to meet. C.C. and Regina took over 4 additional McDonald’s restaurants in the cities of Oakland and Alameda.

Today, C.C. and Regina are the proud owners of 11 McDonald’s restaurants and continue to devote their time to community service. C.C. is an active leader and participant in various civic and community development organizations, and he and Regina donate both time and funds to various charities and schools. C.C. and Regina have worked as a team since their wedding day in 1966. They have three daughters: Mary, Betty and Carol.