American Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Contest

American Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Contest

We Want you!

About Host Organization

ILF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to promote civic awareness, public service, and economic prosperity amongst the Asian Pacific American (APA) community. Its mission is to develop young leaders in the United States, Asia, and the Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public affairs, entrepreneurship and international relations through a network of business and community leaders.

The “ILF Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee” is the newly established group of the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) that focuses on Chinese American entrepreneurship and innovation. With the mission of “combining entrepreneurial spirit with innovative ideas and opening up a new era for next generations.” the committee launched the Asian American Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest. We encourage you to visit the official website (, and register to show us your boundaryless passion for entrepreneurship.

About Contest

The key to entrepreneurship is the cultivation of innovative talents. The youth period is a critical period for cultivating innovative capabilities. The committee hosts this contest to encourage experimental practices, which aims to drive innovation in business strategies, discover and cultivate entrepreneurial talents. The committee and invited expert consultants share entrepreneurial expertise and experiences in training courses to provide mentorship for contestants.

The committee will also support individuals and teams in various forms, such as reviewing project proposals, training project teams, and help to connect with business startup funds. The training courses will be organized into texts, audiovisual content, and online knowledge sharing platform.

Contest Schedule

  1. The contest opens registration from July to August 2018. Register before July 31 to attend training sessions for FREE, including setting up a company, presentation, and public speaking, and write business plans, etc.
  2. Desired projects are divided into three categories: social innovation, technology innovation, and cultural innovation. Based on education level, the judges will sperate project teams in three levels: High School teams, Colleague teams, and Professional teams.
  3. Click to register online. Or, download application form, fill it out and send to
  4. Each project team contestants fill the application in one form. Project team size should be no more than 5 people, one of which must be an American citizen. All team members must be valid and contribute to the project.
  5. The competition will follow the principles of fairness, justice, openness, and merit. The selected outstanding projects will have the following opportunities: connecting with venture capital, face-to-face exchanges with entrepreneurs, and Chinese companies site visiting opportunities.

Instructor Training for Contestants

Contestants who register before July 31 will participate in the instructor training held in August at free of charge. The training aims to improve the project plan and fully communicate with the mentors. The training will take place at the Greencourt Innovation Center in Maryland. The training courses will be organized into texts, audiovisual content, and online knowledge sharing platform.

Hiring Volunteers

Volunteer registration link:

The volunteers who signed up online will be screened, and 10 volunteers will be confirmed who meet requirements. Sign up as soon as possible!

Become a contest volunteer and you will receive:

Diversified Teams: Work together with mentors and teams from different backgrounds to understand and learn about the project behind the scenes;

Mission: As a citizen concerned about the Asian Pacific community, you will take action by introducing the contest. Learn to be a responsible individual by taking duties to the market and promote the mission.