2017 Conference & Gala Recap

International Leadership Foundation hosts our 18th Leadership & Business Conference

and Awards and Scholarship Gala.

Emerging Leaders Policy Forum & Federal Career Fair: The Conference was preceded by an inaugural Emerging Leaders Policy Forum and Federal Career Fair, hosted by the 2017 ILF Civic Fellows from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and by ILF’s federal partners from 9 a.m. respectively. At the Forum, Fellows presented on public policy topics and recommendations spanning technology and innovation, health and the environment, and business content related to Asian American advocacy. For example, Fellows presented recommendations on issues ranging from patent reform and minority economic opportunities, to heat waves and Native American literacyThe Forum was open to the public and exposed emerging young professionals to the world of public policy. 

This year’s cohort was comprised of 31 astute and ethnically diverse students from over 20 distinguished colleges and universities across the nation. The Fellows interned across 25 offices within nine federal agencies and four offices at the U.S. Congress. Each Fellow servedan 8-week tour of duty and participated in educational seminars to develop a deeper understanding of public service and policy.

Leadership & Business Luncheon: The luncheon is co-hosted by the Coalition of Asian American Business Organizations (CAABO). Over 200 attendees are expected to attend, including APA elected officials, entrepreneurs, community leaders, international business delegates, international students, and ILF Fellows. The luncheon and following networking session is to promote our own national network of Asian American Chambers of Commerce, business organizations and entrepreneurs dedicated to the economic empowerment and growth of APA businesses – nationally and internationally – and to connect them to each other. Including ILF Fellows, future national and global APA leaders will have a chance to learn about the legacy the leaders have established and ILF Fellows will discuss how scholarships have impacted their life and career. Members of Congress Judy Chu, Grace Meng, and Ted Lieu joined us as keynote speakers.

18th Anniversary Awards & Scholarship Gala: ILF annually celebrates successful completion of its Civic Fellowship program with scholarship beneficiaries and recognizes truly remarkable individuals and organizations at the Gala. They are selected not only because of their tremendous professional achievements, but also for their dedication to the improvement of the APA community. This year, honorees included Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes (Salt Lake City, Utah), Mayor Lily Mei (Fremont, CA), Founder of H20 Clinical Research, Dr. Eugenia Bair Henry (Cockeysville, MD), Chairman & CEO of The Lam Group, John Lam (New York, NY), President of Jupiter Properties Inc., Khalid Muneer (Orlando, FL), President of Merry Richards Jewelers, Richard Cheng (Chicago, IL), Chairman of Southern News Group, Wea Hwa Lee (Houston, TX), CEO of FASTech Inc., Matthew Lee (Rockville, MD), and Executive VP of Bank of China, Dr. Yong Ma (New York, NY). Notable speakers included Dr. James S.C. Chao, Founder and Chairman of Foremost Group, Secretary Elaine Chao, 18th U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Norman Mineta, ILF Honorary Chairman, ILF Chairman Dr. Paul Hsu, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, Congresswoman Amata Radewagen, and Mayor Allan Fung of Cranston, Rhode Island. Other notable guests included Maryland Delegate Clarence Lam, State Senator Tony Hwang, and Maryland State Senator Susan Lee.

Luncheon Agenda

Master of Ceremony:  Executive Director of ILF Soo Kyung Koo

Welcoming Remarks: Dr. Paul Hsu

Keynote Speaker: The Honorable Judy Chu, The Honorable Ted Lieu, The Honorable Grace Meng

Remarks: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer John Lam of the Lam Group, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, and Connecticut State Senator Tony Hwang

Establishment of ILF Endowment Fund: Richard Dong & Eric Dong

2017 ILF Civic Fellows Testimonials: Sophia He, Boston College & Hank Wu, New York University

                                    “Our ancestry is preserved and remembered”    – Grace Meng, U.S. Representative

The Honorable Grace Meng explains the importance of:

  • Finding people who can be mentors to you
  • Finding people who you can reach out to ask for help
  • Finding younger people to mentor too
  • Making sure our voices are heard

“Make sure to continue to work hard and continue the legacy” – Allan Fung, Mayor of Cranston

Mayor Allan Fung shares his thoughts of:

  • Continuing to open up doors
  • Giving back to the to this organization and to the community

Gala Agenda

Color Guards, Pledge of Allegiance: Allan Fung, Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island

Welcoming Remarks: Barbara Comstock, Representative for 10th District of Virginia

Opening Remarks: Norman Mineta, 14th U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Sponsors & Host Agencies:

                       Chenco Investment, LLC                                              ML Design & Printing Co.,Inc.

                        HSU Family Educational Foundation                        Waitex

                        Superior Communications, Inc.                                  Pai Ping Foundation

                       David Sen Lin Lee Foundation                                    AT&T

                       BirdFlower Foundation                                                 Bottega Veneta, Inc.

                       Federal Partners of ILF Civic Fellowship                  Canmay Group

                       Program & VIPS                                                              First Commercial Bank

                       Capital Bank                                                                    Stone Mountain Properties

                       COMCAST NBCUNIVERSAL                                     Capital Stone Management

                       KOBE Government Contract Alliance                       McDonalds (AMOA)

                       Luke Charitable Foundation                                        Double Bridge Technologies, Inc

                       Edward and Charity Dong Foundation                      Pyramid

                      Maritime Company LLC                                                 Foster Andrew & Co.,Inc.

                      Lam Group                                                                        Trispot, LLC

                      Morgan Stanley                                                                New York Institute of Technology

                     MRMG t/a Popeyes’ Louisiana Kitchen                       Merry Richard Jewelers

                     Chinese American Cooperation Fund U.S., Inc.         International Financial Services, Inc.

                     New York Golden Eagle Senior Corp                            USAID

                    The Shau-Wai & Marie Lam Family Foundation        WPI Real Estate Services, Inc.

                    Trust Air Cargo (USA) Co.                                                Louis XIII

                    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health

                    U.S. Department of Agriculture (Natural Resources of Conservation Services)

                    U.S. Department of Agriculture (Food Safety & Inspection Service)

                    U.S. Department of Agriculture (Rural Development)

Leadership Award:

Eugenia Henry, President of H20 Clinical, LLC

John Lam, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the Lam Group

Khalid Muneer, Owner of Jupiter Properties Inc.

Wea Hwa Lee, CEO of Southern Chinese Daily News

Matthew Lee, President of KOBE Government Contract Alliance

Dr. Yong Ma, Executive Vice President of Bank of China

Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont

Public Servant Award:

Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General

Keynote Speech:

The Honorable Elaine L. Chao, 18th U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Dr. James S. C. Chao, Philantrhopist and Founder & Chairman of Foremost Group

Thank you to Richard and Eric Dong, Comcast, AT&T, and the Federal Partners for your generous contributions, and for attending our event. With your support, ILF will continue to promote civic awareness, public service and economic effectiveness of Asian Pacific American (APA) community and develop young leaders in the U.S. and other Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship and the international arena through a network of business and community leaders.

On behalf of International Leadership Foundation, we would like to thank everyone again for your support in making the International Leadership Foundation’s (ILF) 2017 program a huge success! Your participation and generosity truly makes an impact on developing the next generation of future leaders.